The Metropolitan Urban Development Plan 2021-2040 (PLANMET 2040) is the technical-regulatory instrument that guides and regulates sustainable urban development in Lima Metropolitana.

PlanMET 2040's urban planning proposal comprises a number of instruments for land use regulation, urban urban mobility systems, open spaces, urban facilities and urban infrastructure, among others; always under the principle of prevalence of the general good in this regard.

The progress of the technical team will be published on this platform with the aim of informing the city about the proposal.


Proposed Ordinance Approving Lima's Urban and Territorial Planning Regulatory Framework

The IMP has formulated the proposed Metropolitan Ordinance ORDINANCE APPROVING THE REGULATORY FRAMEWORK OF THE URBAN AND TERRITORIAL PLANNING OF LIMA. It responds to the need to order and systematize dispersed and disorderly urban development regulations into a large number of standards, as well as to provide more scope and capacity planning tools.

The object of regulation is the process of urban development, that is, the way in which public and private actors make use of urban land for the construction and location of private activities and urban servicesThis will
be the framework ordinance under which planMET 2040 will be approved.

Previous Plans


 Approval Standards

 PLAM 2035

 Volume I : Memory
 Volume I – Volume I & II: Analysis and Diagnosis
 Volume I – Volume III: Proposal
 Volume II : Urban Programs & Structuring Projects
 Volume II – Volume I
 Volume II – Volume II
 Volume II – Volume III
 Volume III: Regulations
 Volume III – Proposed Ordinance approving and regulating PLAM

PLANMET 2040 content

1.- Development Vision and Model

    a.- Development Vision

    b.- Territorial Development Model

2.- Metropolis Soil Regime

    a.- Soil classification

    b.- Macro-zoning

    c.- Determination of areas for the formulation of Urban Development Plans and Specific Plans

3.- Proposals for Urban Systems

    a.- Urban Mobility System

    b.- Open Spaces system and Ecological Infrastructure

    C.. – Urban Equipment System

    d.- Metropolitan Infrastructure System

4.- Implementation and Management Instruments

    a.- Strategy for land generation and housing promotion

    b.- Financing and Implementation Strategy

    c.- Metropolitan Governance Strategy

    d.- Metropolitan Investment Program

    e.- Urban Interventions Program

    f.- PLANMET 2040 Monitoring and Monitoring Program

Note: as the contents of PLANMET 2040 are generated, they will be placed on this page


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