The Metropolitan Planning Institute, which we will later recognize by its acronym IMP, is a Decentralized Public Agency of the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima, with legal personality and admnistrative, technical and economic autonomy, created on February 07, 1991, by Council Agreement No. 032-MML.

The IMP has as its public and specific function the planning of the integral and sustainable development of the province of Lima and the whole of districts that make up it; he also acts as an advisor to the Metropolitan Mayor and the Metropolitan Council.


IMP, as the governing body of the Metropolitan Planning System of Lima Metropolitana, leads the deconcentrated and concerted planning processes of the city, articulating the participation of citizens.


We are a deconcentrated institute, responsible for promoting concerted planning processes with the aim of promoting the integral development of Lima Metropolitana in coordination with district municipalities and public and private bodies. We work driven by making a sustainable city in a democratic framework that benefits its citizens by proposing, monitoring and evaluating planning processes and their instruments.