The Metropolitan Planning Institute (IMP) is a decentralized public body of the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima, with legal personhood of Internal Public Law, and with administrative, economic and technical autonomy. The IMP is governed by its Statute approved by Council Agreement No. 032 by its Statute approved by Council Agreement No. 089, this Organization and Functions Regulations and other regulatory laws.

Institutional Standards:

  • Law No. 27783, Law on the Basis of Decentralization.
  • Law No. 27867, Organic Law on Regional Governments.
  • Law No. 27972, Organic Law on Municipalities.
  • Bc. No. 032, approves the creation of the Metropolitan Planning Institute.
  • Bc. No. 119 of 1991 and AC No. 089 of 1998 approving the Statutes of the Metropolitan Planning Institute.

Administrative Rules:

  • Law No. 30518 "Public Sector Budget Act for fiscal year 2017".
  • Supreme Decree No. 256-2012-EF "Approve the Consolidated Budget of Income and Egress for the Fiscal Year 2013 of the Decentralized Public Bodies and Enterprises of Regional Governments and Local Governments".
  • Legislative Decree No. 728, Law on Training and Labour Promotion.
  • Law 30225 "Law on Government Procurement and its Regulations".
  • D.s. No. 022-2016-HOUSING, which approves the Regulations on Territorial Conditioning and Sustainable Urban Development.

Functional Standards:

  • Ordinance No. 099, which approves the Ordinance for the Management of the Metropolitan System of Planning and Municipal Budget and its amendments.
  • Ordinance No. 620 and amendments, which approves the Regulatory Ordinance of the Approval Process of the Metropolitan Plan of Territorial Conditioning and Urban Development of Lima, District Urban Plans and Update of the Zoning of the Land Uses of Lima Metropolitana.
  • Ordinance No. 341 and Amendments, which approves the Plan of the Metropolitan Road System of Lima.
  • D.a. No. 122-2003-MML, which grants imp territorial demarcation functions on the scope of the Province of Lima and Districts.
  • Council Agreement No. 158 approving the development of the "Metropolitan Development Plan" Study.