The team of professionals and technicians that make up the IMP are specialists of recognized prestige and permanent updating in the various topics related to the integral development of Lima Metropolitana.

Cabrera Echegaray, Eusebio
Executive Director
García Calderon, Jos
éDirector General of Studies
Romero Delgado, Daniel
Director General Of. Technical Information Gral. (e)
Romero Delgado, Daniel
Director General Of. Gral. Metrepolitano Planning System
Malca Orbegozo, Guiller
moDirector General of Territorial Planning
Tamayo Pinto Bazurco, Guiller
moDirector General of Road and Transport
Luna Molero, Yo
dnaDirector General Office of Administration
Gonzales Barbadillo, Maria
Director General Of. Gral. Legal Advice
Huapaya Puma, Cons
ueloDirector of Budget and Planning
Arroyo Holguin, Bets
abé Accounting Director
Diestra Estrada, Ysab
el Treasury Director / Director of Logistics (e)
Echabautis Blenders, Sil
viaDirectora de Staff