Lurín River Lower Basin (Zone C) – Lurín DistrictI am a student
Terraces of Lima Norte UC 10005 – District of Santa RosaZoning PlansZonin
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Specifications and Sections
El Lúcumo (Forests of Lurín) – Lurín DistrictZoning PlansZoni
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Preliminary Report Specific Plan Huachipa Nivería Exhibition period is from 13-08-2020 to 11-09-2020Remarks and/or Recommendations should be duly documented to the mail of the Director of DGPT, gmalca@imp.gob.pePropos
ed Zoning Plans Report ProposedPresent
ation of the Specific PlanPr
esentation of Regulatory Tables
Specific Plan Proposal – Hacienda Monterrico GrandePresentation of the Specific Plan