Ordinance No. 228 Ordinance on classification of metropolitan land by general conditions of use
Ordinance No. 620 Regulatory Ordinance of the Approval Process of the Metropolitan Plan of Territorial Conditioning and Urban Development of Lima, of district urban plans and update of the zoning of the land uses of Lima Metropolitana.
Ordinance No. 719 Ordinance Approving the Adjustment of Ordinance No. 620-MML.
Ordinance No. 993 Establishes the Usage Indexes of Regulatory Treatment Area I.
Ordinance No. 1015 Establishes Urban Planning Parameters for Regulatory Treatment Areas I and II; and establishes the Soil Use Index for the Regulatory Treatment Area II
Ordinance No. 1862 Ordinance regulating the planning process of territorial-urban development of the metropolitan area of Lima.
Ordinance No. 2086 Ordinance regulating the change of zoning in Metropolitan Lima and repealing Ordinance No. 1911-MML.